our motivation

There lies a power above us. The power that makes us who we are and what we want.

For millions of years, this quest to understand the supreme force, enabled Astrology to develop as a science that deciphers and analyses our future.

The quest to understand the science of astrology and to provide a reliable application of this age-old system to our customer’s benefit is the reason for us to start and get-going.

We provide professional and reliable astrological advice for major life decisions by our founder, a qualified astrological consultant.

About Us

Hailing from Arcot, our founder Mrs.K.Poongodi has completed her BA in Astrology from SASTRA university, Thanjavur . 

As a qualified consultant in the field, she provides astrological insights through her knowledge of the science and experience, rather than pure reliance on astrological softwares.

We are a Chennai based institution and provide services through personal & telephonic consultations, in Tamil and English.

Professionalism, Reliability and Authenticity are our core values and we strive to build trusted relationships with our customers for generations.